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Sesquicentennial Backcasting insights

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Know Your Watershed ... listening posts


USNPS Let Freedom Ring Waymarking

Jul 10, 2008 ... Naval History & Heritage Command ...

let them pause and reflect on the importance of the ship's bell, what the ship's bell means ...
"Let Freedom Ring" is a national event
introduced by the U.S. Congress in 1963 ::

Latitude 38.976624° N Longitude 94.977225° W


Pathfinder Passports(cc)_GeoVenturing-ROCS_xi630isf.pdf 


Picasa Web Albums - Bob-RJ Burkhart

BB-63 EcoTrekUSA mapXchange backcasting with Podstock May Day 2009 ......
Historical Society (MCHS-2007) Sesquicentennial "Trails-n-Tales" prototype . ....
[A] Reflects actionable distilled insights (WIZdom) for "EarthSea-Keeping" group ...


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Shaping Tomorrow Today: Near-Term Steps Towards Long-Term ...

www.rand.org/pubs/conf_proceedings/2009/RAND_CF267.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by C POLICY - Related articles
The workshop opened with a backcasting exercise that proved to be one of the event's highlights. ....
engaging and insightful presentations, some on short notice. Stijn Hoorens .....
in 2017 (Government of Canada, 2009). ...


The Wee Democracy

Feb 1, 2004 – sesquicentennial present (as in gift) slop and bulldozer .....
you all here to discuss, as I must, How grateful I am for your insights. ...


Colorado BackStage: Coming Soon


Sesquicentennial Theatrical Production on Boulder History: .....

but both parties embark on a journey of riled ghosts and revealing insights...


The RAND Frederick S. Pardee Center

[PDF] from rand.org.cnC POLICY, P SAFETY… - rand.org.cn
On March 17–18, 2009, the RAND Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global
Policy and the Future Human Condition hosted a workshop called “Shaping Tomorrow
Today: Near-Term Steps Towards Long-Term Goals.” The workshop gave policymakers ...
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Comparing Alternative US Counterterrorism Strategies:

Can Assumption-Based Planning Help Elevate the Debate?


[PDF] from dtic.mil RJ Lempert - 2008 - DTIC Document
Abstract: At the dawn of the 21st century, the United States faces numerous, significant, long-
term, and novel challenges, not the least of which is countering the threat from today's
virulent new strain of terrorism. Frequently, both expert decisionmakers and lay citizens ...
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[CITATION] The US Counterterrorism Strategy: A Planning Framework to Facilitate Timely Policy Adjustments

LE Davis, ST Hosmer, SA Daly… - 2004 - Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND …
Cited by 2 - Related articles



[CITATION] Can Scenarios Help Policymakers Be Both Bold and Careful?

RJ Lempert - Blindside: How to Anticipate Forcing Events and Wild …, 2007
Cited by 11 - Related articles



[CITATION] High-performance government in an uncertain world

RJ Lempert… - … : Structure, Leadership, Incentives, Santa Monica, Calif. …, 2005
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European precautionary practice

[PDF] from cigilibrary.orgK von Moltke… - 2009 - dspace.cigilibrary.org
International debate about the precautionary principle Ñor the precautionary approach, as
some preferÑ has matured significantly since it was first presented to unsuspecting trade
policy-makers as part of the beef/hormones dispute at the World Trade Organisation (WTO ...
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[PDF] Uncertainty theory and complex systems scenarios analysis

[PDF] from haduong.comM Ha-Duong - 2002 - minh.haduong.com
Coupled socio-economic-physical systems are the most complex of all. They involve vastly
different types of uncertainties, including those related to human behavior and those of a
scientific nature, such as Earth system feedbacks. These uncertainties cannot be dealt ...
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Making Policy Choices in Uncertain Conditions

Z Nwokora - Australian Journal of Political Science, 2011 - Taylor & Francis
Whether and how governments make good public policy is an issue of longstanding interest
to students of politics. By considering explicitly how uncertainty–incomplete knowledge of
the consequences of different actions–can affect policymaking, these three books make ...
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[PDF] Cours n◦

[PDF] from google.comJ Pinquet - sites.google.com
L'assurance est une couverture contre des risques ne survenant que dans certains états du
monde. En échange d'une prime, ou reçoit des prestations (forfaitaires ou indemnitaires) si
un événement désigné au contrat se produit, et qui affecte votre richesse (en plus bien sûr ...
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[BOOK] Presenting Uncertainty About Climate Change to Water-Resource Managers

DG Groves, D Knopman, RJ Lempert, SH Berry… - 2008 - rand.org
Water-resource managers have long strived to meet their goals of system reliability and
environmental protection in the face of many uncertainties, including demographic and
economic forecasts, intrinsic weather variability, and short-term climate change induced ...
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