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WinXProSP3 Seagate Dashboard Services

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FreeAgent GoFlex™ Software



Did you know the software is already contained on the drive?

FreeAgent GoFlex drives come with the software pre-loaded on the drive, from the factory.



Windows Users:

To launch the software installation process, connect and power on the drive
and click the Setup.exe file in the main folder on the GoFlex drive.


Found this Dashboard HELP File via Desktop Icon Properties (Find Target)

C:\Program Files\Seagate\Seagate Dashboard\SeagateDashboardHelp.chm


Java Tester - What Version of Java Are You Running?

On a Windows XP machine with Java version 1.6.0_03 installed, there were ...

Updating Java for Windows


If your PC was shipped with the Windows XP operating system, you may not have the MS JVM. ... 


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5 Posts from Support Forums (XP Dashboard Service)


For some reason MemeoLauncher.exe will not load on my Windows 7 PC. Just to get it out of the way -
I am logged in as an administrator and have tried things like running it in WinXP compatibility mode.

This is preventing me from using seagate dashboard.



The Drives panel shows the drive(s) connected to your computer and a capacity gauge of the drive’s used and free space.
Click the drop-down arrow to display other connected drives.  

Drive Settings provides a central point from which to manage your GoFlex drive.

See Managing Drives and Devices for the available controls and how to use them.

Drive management is only available when your drive is directly connected to your computer.



GoFlex XP Dashboard Services MemeoLauncher.exe


Memeo™ A Content Management Platform ...


That service never materialized, but cloud services company Memeo has ...
access to Memeo's excellent premium backup service (users of the basic GoFlex drive get free ...

Once you're up and running, you'll see that the Seagate Dashboard (also ....
This is especially important for XP users, as the hard drive will have to be ...


GoFlex Home - not detected by Memeo or the Dashboard


Products & Services · Partner Center · Support · Community Forums · Contact Support ...
GoFlex Home - not detected by Memeo or the Dashboard [215555] ...




GoFlex Home - not detected by Memeo or the Dashboard [215555]


XP "Seagate Dashboard Services" "not started"


30 of 36 people found the following review helpful:

1.0 out of 5 stars Seagate software and support stinks, July 9, 2010



Alan Loquasto (Minnesota) - See all my reviews


This review is from: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 TB USB 2.0
Portable External Hard Drive STAA1000100 (Black) (Personal Computers)


Windows XP users beware. I've got a couple hours into this piece of crap (probably just the software) and it's DOA. The error message I get when I launch from the dashboard icon needs a little better English. "Seagate Dashboard Service is not started. In order to start the application needs this service installed and running."

Their web site support is crap. Try to get a new download, no dice, must register and send an email.
I just registered the product, how many times am I going to register?

On initial set up the install asked if I wanted an update installed. "Yes" sends you down a path to inoperable software. Try to reinstall from the external drive and you get a message the software installed is a newer version so it won't reinstall. So I removed it with Windows and then reinstalled and said NO to the update. Same stupid result. Clicking on the dashboard icon gives the same meaningless error message.

Later edit:
OK, I registered and sent my problem. I get an email response of thanks and I need to log back in to escalate my case out of SELF SERVE. Like I'm going to fix this? Click on link and log in - THERE IS NO DROP DOWN THEY DESCRIBE TO ESCALATE MY CASE.

Was able to escalate my case at a later date. Got a response a couple days later. Gave it a try tonight (7/16). Basically told me how to fire up the service manually. No dice, I get a new error message on top of the previous error message. Wish these guys would look at my messages: the software failed to install completely or correctly- they've got me trying to start what isn't there.


After switching GoFlex Desk-3TB

with my HP-Laptop (Win7) GoFlex Desk-2TB drive,

I uninstalled dysfunctional Seagate Dashboard (6/1/2011) & did my WinXPro SETUP from older (4/30/2010) version.
After doing an auto-update, my Seagate Dashboard now displays Version (c) 2011

I found this site to validate & verify I'm running most current (uncorrupted) version!

AppDeploy > Software Knowledgebase > Seagate Dashboard 1.0 ...
www.appdeploy.com › Software KB
Version, Publisher, Memeo Inc.
Uninstall String, C:\Program Files\Seagate\Seagate Dashboard\uninstall.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagate\Seagate ...

Seagate Software Quality Assurance Defect:

Your case was submitted to Seagate Technical Support.

An agent will reply as soon as possible to the email address you registered. Please note your case number: 02070951

Memeo/MS-Win7 Version does NOT start-up Seagate Dashboard Services on older MS-WinXPro (SP3) platforms ...

Submit a Case - Confirmation

Thank you for submitting your issue to Memeo. The tracking number for your new ticket is #15014-58784.



FreeAgent GoFlex™ Home | Seagate

www.seagate.com › Support › InstallationUnited States English [CHANGE] · Home · About Seagate ·
Corporate Information · News · Events · Investor Relations · Global Citizenship · Jobs at Seagate ...


GoFlex™ Home User Guide - Seagate

File Format:
 PDF/Adobe Acrobat - 
Quick View
www.seagate.com/goflexhomesupport to download the installation software. 2. ......
TIP: The Drag and Drop feature requires Java Virtual Run Time Machine. 5. ...

  1. Home Network Storage | Backup Storage | GoFlex Home | Seagate

    GoFlex® Home Network Storage System. Your home, your cloud.
    Backup and centralize storage for multiple PC and Mac® computers*; Easily share and access ...
  2. GoFlex Home UG Book.book

    go to www.seagate.com/goflexhomesupport to download the installation software...... 
    TIP: The Drag and Drop feature requires Java Virtual Run Time Machine. ...


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