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In what other land save this one is the commonest form of greeting not

'Good day,' nor 'How d'ye do,' but 'Love'? That greeting is Aloha—love, I love you, my love to you...

It is a positive affirmation of the warmth of one's own heart-giving.


Jack London   (1876 - 1916)

U.S. writer.Referring to Hawaii.

My Hawaiian Aloha

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Affirmation of Interdependence

Cimarron Route

represents an “Affirmation of Interdependence” …
This ALL-WinWin spirit was shared with Cimarron-class “fast fleet oilers”
that were commissioned 2-years after Wade Phillips donated this natural history…



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this "Affirmation of INTERdependence" "The world of strife shut out. The world of love shut in."
MentorshipART of Peace (MAoP) perspectives: MnIPS - 2001-2002 ...


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    place … an affirmation of INTERdependence! "Growing AgriTourism in Kansas"
    Co-authored by expert Jane Eckert, this is the first comprehensive book written by a successful agritourism operator. 
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    this "Affirmation of INTERdependence" "The world of strife shut out. The world of love shut in."
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Picasa\Exports\JoCo-MCHSurvey mapXchange Patrol\L4R50gMCHSurvey_HistoricSitesComm_xi-219sw.JPG


Across the years on Mount Oread and around the Kaw and Wakarusa river valleys.

Publication: Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
Publication Date: 01-APR-02
Format: Online
Delivery: Immediate Online Access
Full Article Title: Across the years on Mount Oread and around the Kaw and Wakarusa river valleys.(Eastern Kansas)
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Article Excerpt

The Kaw and Wakarusa rivers have carved their wide valleys around Mt. Oread during hundreds of thousands of years. The last great geologic event to impact the area was the Kansan glacier six hundred thousand years ago, leaving behind glacial till and rich alluvial soil. A few generations after the territorial settlemeats in these valleys have brought about a complete transformation of this landscape.


The 1867 photographs of Civil War photographer Alexander Gardner show how the valley had changed after just the first decade of this settlement. Although grassfires were stopped around the town of Lawrence and the surrounding rural farms, the native trees already had been harvested completely for fuel and shelter. The arrival of the railroad allowed these and all other needed commodities to be transported from the East and the New England settlers planted imported varieties of grasses, trees, and crops throughout the hills and valleys.


Recent photographs based upon Gardner's views show these changes and others wh ich have resulted from only a few generations of settlement here.


Mount Oread, between the Kaw and Wakarusa river valleys, is what remains of a limestone cuesta, such as those that extend across the prairies of eastern Kansas like waves, with gentle slopes to the west and steep drops to the east. These two river valleys have carved their way from the gradual western slope of the State eastward around the Mount Oread cuesta at the river town of Lawrence. The Kaw valley escarpment several miles north of today's channel is one edge of this interrupted cuesta. The other edge is the escarpment a few miles south of the Wakarusa River.

The most recent geologic event that impacted this landscape was the Kansan glacier about half a million years ago. The edge of this glacier stopped its flow along the southern ridge of the Wakarusa Valley. A several hundred foot high shield of ice blocked the two rivers until the gradual melting allowed huge waterfalls to breach through the ice dam. Eventually the entire valleys filled with water leaving the escarpments as shorelines and Mount Blue as an island and Mount Oread as a peninsula surrounded in the lake. As the waters subsided to their normal flow ranges, glacial quartzite till from the north remained buried in several feet of the richest alluvial soil in the State. (1)

It was this lush land, covered with tallgrass prairie and scattered woods, that attracted the first New England settlers to create the town of Lawrence by the Kaw river banks below Mount Oread, which they named for the Massachusetts Oread Institute. (2) Sara Tappan Doolittle Robinson, the wife of Lawrence founding father and first governor of Kansas, Charles Robinson, made one of the earliest New England settler's descriptions of this landscape. They were among the first group sponsored by the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company to create settlements of slavery abolitionists to promote the territory as a free state into the Union under the terms of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. Charles Robinson first saw the Lawrence site the year before on his way to the California gold rush.

In the eastern part of the territory, most of the timber is upon the rivers and creeks, though there are in some places most delightful spots; high hills crowned with a heavy growth of trees, and deep vales where rippling waters gush amid dense shade of flowering shrubbery; all reminding me of dear New England homes, where art and taste had labored long. Higher than the bluffs are natural mounds, which also have about them the look of art. They rise to such a height as to be seen at a great distance, and add peculiar beauty to the whole appearance of the country. From the summit of these the prospect is almost unlimited in extent, and unrivalled in beauty.


The prairie rolling for miles, with its gently undulating rolls, lies before the eyes. Rivers, glistening in the sunlight, flow on between the banks crowned with tall trees; - beyond these, other high points arise. Trees are scattered here and there like old orchards, and cattle in large numbers are grazing upon the hillside, and in the valleys, giving to a ll the look of cultivation and home life. It is, indeed, difficult to realize that for thousands of years this country has been a waste, uncultivated and solitary, and that months only have elapsed since the white settler has sought here a home. (3)

Prior to the new white settlement in northeastern Kansas thousands of Native Americans from a dozen tribes occupied land on both sides of the Kansas, or Kaw River; both names coming from an earlier removed tribe, the Kansa. The Delaware reserve was along the north bank of the river and the Shawnees on the south at the time of the territorial act in 1854. Both these tribes had been transplanted here from the east, replacing the Kaw tribe. These tribes fished, hunted, and farmed in the Kaw Valley for years before white settlers came.


However, this changed rapidly when U.S. Government interior policy promoted land purchase and exchange treaties or outright land appropriation and forced displacement of the tribes to southern Indian Territory. This was to open the land to the white New England abolitionists and the competing pro-slavery settlements from border states as called for in the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.



Early Pleistocene Geomorphic History of Wabaunee, Southeastern ...

by MR Mudge - 1955 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
and Wakarusa (River) Creeks; and the origin of the present courses of ....
the pre-Kansan valley of the ancient Kansas River. At Manhattan the ....
Ponding and Drainage Diversion During the Kansan Glacial Stage ....
however, requires an ice dam that forces the water of Mill Creek to flow ...

MCHSites Geomorphology


BioOne Online Journals - Southern extent of Kansan Glaciation ...

by DF Merriam - 2003 - Cited by 3 - Related articles
Apr 1, 2008 ... The water ponded by the dams formed temporary lakes behind the ice dam(s), and O'Connor ...
This system of terraces in the present river valleys chronicles the ...
Glacial deposits of Wakarusa Township, Douglas, County Kansas. ...
west wall of Three Sisters (Shank Hill) quarry in Wakarusa township. ...
  1. BioOne Online Journals - Southern extent of Kansan Glaciation ...

    Apr 1, 2008 ... To (the) right and left (were) several small hills, which ...
  2. BioOne Online Journals - Across the Years on Mount Oread and ...

    Sep 1, 2006 ... Wakarusa Valley, south from Lawrence, Kansas, by John ...
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Affirmation of Interdependence

manifested in the affirmation of interdependence and ...... has pursued a globalist strategy regarding the problem of climate change. ....
http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&se=gglsc&d=104883034 - Similar ignorance of…


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    reconcile the affirmation that capitalism represents an unprecedented break
    with all archaic [precapitalist] forms of expenditure and the postulate of the necessary universality of spending as pure loss?
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    behaviour Affirmation Write down the problem that When we want to understand each
    When we want to leave the past brought you here other’s standpoint and need a base, a behind motivation for our planned activities need…
  • BH Covenant 2008 Feedback_8201MSW.pdf 122.1 KB
    conviction and affirmation of these established characteristics reflecting mutually-beneficial relationships.
    Feedback is critical and from time to time, I may request that you provide honest responses 


TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time


What are BioGeography-101 points of interest within a 16 miles radius?


HERMESGATE,39.05081,-94.83051,769,02/19/2011,10:11:18,21-JAN-09 15:22:35
045,39.05081,-94.83051,769,02/19/2011,10:11:18,21-JAN-09 15:22:35
EDVILLETWR,39.05355,-94.82147,761,02/19/2011,10:11:18,21-JAN-09 15:58:58
GC1W4R6,39.05877,-94.87727,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,I Lost My Marbles by Flo., Tra
MONTCLOUPS,39.01245,-94.80103,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,22052 W. 66TH ST-66226



071,39.07526,-94.76275,822,02/19/2011,10:11:18,10-APR-09 14:01:31
076,39.07233,-94.76090,793,02/19/2011,10:11:18,10-APR-09 14:31:22
GC1QKFE,38.99935,-94.86703,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Dead Duck by msmanners, Tradit
GC1QKC0,38.99705,-94.86527,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,WISHBONE by msmanners, Traditi
GC1QKD7,38.99785,-94.86752,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Future Park - Erfurt by msmann
GC1QKD1,38.99628,-94.86707,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Cheshire Cache by msmanners, T
077,39.07404,-94.75227,712,02/19/2011,10:11:18,07-MAR-09 10:49:20



USACE32R,38.99444,-94.91863,803,02/19/2011,10:11:18,27-FEB-10 15:53:28
CEDARCREEK,38.98250,-94.91831,850,02/19/2011,10:11:18,CEDAR CREEK - 1-MI BELOW FOUR
KILL CREEK,38.98111,-94.95664,781,02/19/2011,10:11:18,
DE SOTO,38.97400,-94.95209,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,
KAWRDESOTO,38.98507,-94.97413,762,02/19/2011,10:11:18,08-AUG-06 4:04:35PM
061,38.97683,-94.96713,843,02/19/2011,10:11:18,10-OCT-08 11:19:17
DSOTOCTHAL,38.97683,-94.96713,843,02/19/2011,10:11:18,10-OCT-08 11:19:17



GC1J0GD,38.96137,-94.95490,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Welcome to DeSoto by larry739,
NINEMILECR,39.20124,-94.91925,921,02/19/2011,10:11:18,NINEMILE CREEK FORD FRONTIER M
KC1P37Y,38.92747,-94.97343,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Parking Area at west end of 11
KC1P3EP,38.92747,-94.97343,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Parking Area at west end of 11
GC1T2AA,38.92752,-94.97353,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Tres Signos Negro by The Happy
GCHENP,38.92718,-94.97715,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Kill Creek Cache by olathejoe,
GC1RT93,38.92537,-94.97502,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Kill Creek Park #12 by TeamSNO
GC1P3EP,38.92708,-94.97917,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Kill Creek Park #2 by TeamSNOO
GC1P37Y,38.92747,-94.98110,0,02/19/2011,10:11:18,Kill Creek Park #1 by TeamSNOO
K10W95THST,38.95741,-95.02350,859,02/19/2011,10:11:18,NEW TRACK
006,39.18389,-94.67393,715,02/19/2011,10:11:17,19-JUL-09 10:41:22




LVCORIDGEA,39.18055,-95.01718,909,02/19/2011,10:11:18,STRANGER CREEK HUC-11 BOUNDARY
LVCORIDGEB,39.13584,-95.05994,928,02/19/2011,10:11:18,STRANGER CREEK HUC-11 BOUNDARY
Sandbar,38.97440,-95.08398,773,02/19/2011,10:11:18,05-SEP-10 12:31:57
DGFISHFRY,38.95861,-95.07638,802,02/19/2011,10:11:18,PASCAL FISH FERRY CROSSING 7DG
TONGANOXIE,39.11705,-95.09321,908,02/19/2011,10:11:18,TONGANOXIE - STRANGER CREEK CR
LVFISHFRY,38.96140,-95.08007,791,02/19/2011,10:11:18,PASCAL FISH FERRY CROSSING 7LV


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Bob-RJ Burkhart

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