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BSA101-CAPP Overview

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Emergency Preparedness BSA: Know Your Watershed . . .

SOPPADA-HVCopk.pdf (20-Jun-2003) :: BSA_Search-and-Rescue.pdf


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Return to: Community Advocacy Presponse Plan ... EcoChallenge ... Joel Barker Brain-Mind Matters

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Tom Baker #Geocaching : An Open Letter to Groundspeak
from an 11-Year-Old Geocacher http://ow.ly/1aYw4L via Twitter



Eye of the Whale (1969 USFWS)




OCTA-Trails Kanza Chapter SEEKS "Prairie Passage" StoryChasers 
to collaborate with their near peers to design, develop & deliver
Eco-Caching Watershed Orientation Kits (WOK) that embed Leave No Trace (LNT)

best practices into a virtual Cache-In Trash-Out (CITO) event

for global sharing via http://www.geocaching.com






KELP6-2005_SWAP-GPSurvey_6-Oct-2005 (41 images)
KELP 6-2005 Serendipty Happens :: Cowskin Creek Crossing.


Kaw River Recreation & Wetland Survival ...


This diagram created using Inspiration® 7.5 by Inspiration Software®, Inc.
www.acctts.com/watersafetykit/ - Cached


ECHO (Emergency and Community Health Outreach)

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ECHO (Emergency and Community Health Outreach). ECHO Goal: To identify the best way(s)
to provide emergency communication and educational information to ESL ...



Community Social Responsibility (fivEZine)
St. Louis Council BSA ... Philmont Expedition 817-F

Historic Timeline 1842, Commodore Thomas ap Catsby Jones mistakenly seizes Monterey ....
Monterey Bay as part of the Monterey Be National Marine Sanctuary


Philmont Prairie Passages (CGEE Waters to the Sea)

Philmont Scout Ranch 340 x 255 - 28k - jpg en.wikipedia.org

Map of Philmont Scout Ranch 106 x 146 - 5k - jpg absoluteastronomy.com

Philmont Scout Ranch 200 x 212 - 22k - 

Bob-RJ Burkhart


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Naval Postgraduate School - NPS Hastily-Formed Networks ...

12 led to a swift Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) response by .....
“The Navy and DoD missions are changing to include more humanitarian ...

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