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Monticello Springs Eco-History Mystery

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Johnson County, Kansas : Cities And Towns

Monticello, 47950, 0, 0 0, 1 0, 0 0, 0 % ... jccc.net : Johnson County Community College;
jocohistory.org : Johnson County History; jocolibrary.org ...
www.servinghistory.com/.../Johnson_County,_Kansas::sub::Cities_And_Towns - Cached

Rivers are both byways and barriers.

To understand history, F1RST understand rivers.

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Shawnee, Kansas

nickname = Gum Springs mapsize = 250x200px imagesize = image_caption = ....
jocohistory.org/timeline/index.asp Johnson County. ...


Latitude: 39.008647° N :: Longitude: 94.841580° W

Jaywalker "Lost Legends"



Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance 913-709-9982

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
for mail service, shipment, and passenger service
for Monticello Township on the Kansas City, Topeka, ...

1828-18xx :: Frontier Military Road via Gum Springs ...


Brady, John - JoCoHistory

Oct 9, 2008 ... He was elected Trustee of Monticello Township
in the spring of 1878, and served one year.
He was married in Centre County, Pa., in 1844, ...
www.jocohistory.org/templates/JCL_InfoPage.aspx?id=8391 - Cached


Kucker, F.L. - JoCoHistory

F. L. KUCKER, P. O. Monticello, was born in Germany in 1836, ...

www.jocohistory.org/templates/JCL_InfoPage.aspx?id=8743 - Cached
  1. Individuals - JoCoHistory

    Article about Stella and Levi Flint, Monticello Historical Herald, Mar 2000 ...
    www.jocohistory.org/templates/JCL_InfoPage.aspx?id... - Cached - Similar
  2. Site Map - JoCoHistory

    ... Roeland Park · Shawnee · Spring Hill · Westwood & Westwood Hills ...
    www.jocohistory.org/default.aspx?id=13419 - Cached
    Show more results from jocohistory.org
  3. Johnson County, Kansas

    [http://www.jocohistory.org/ Johnson County History] ...
    Township, Johnson County, Kansas — I orthwest Johso Couty, Kasas, Moticello Towship is ...
    en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/58011 - Cached



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
The JPEG files were uploaded to the JoCoHistory.org website for .....
was one of the earliest settlements in Johnson County, platted at the ...
  1. Monticello Community Historical Society (MCHS) | Kaw Valley ...

    Snowmelt and heavy spring rains led to flooding in 1826. ... 
    Q-3: What are MCHS financial support sources? ...
    www2.ljworld.com/marketplace/businesses/kaw-valley.../10695/ - Cached
  2. News Archives - JoCoLibrary

    They also approved a Monticello Library capital improvement project and ......
    Search for school, for family, or just for fun at www.jocohistory.org. ...
    www.jocolibrary.org/templates/JCL_NewsList.aspx?id=7925 - Similar


Jacob Widmer - People / info about name Jacob Widmer - yasni.com ...

Jacob Widmer is one of four brothers, with two of whom—Casper and John—
he came to Spring Hill Tp. May, '57, each taking and improving … www.jocohistory.org ...

Johnson County Online Mapping

AIMS offers a variety of online mapping services. You can create your own plot plan, view an aerial photo of a property, research the traffic flow at a particular intersection, or download a plat among many other things. We provide the Johnson County Online Mapping application as a service to the community of Johnson County to help promote e-government.
Internet Explorer 5.x or better is recommended for online mapping applications.


If you need help with the internet mapping application please click the Online Mapping Help link to the left for an interactive tour of our Internet Map Server (IMS). In addition to this online help, AIMS also offers free instructor led classes to help users become more proficient with Johnson County Online Mapping. Please click here to view and register for upcoming classes.


For your convenience we have set up a few Quick Links which will redirect you to our Online Mapping with a theme or a grouping of layers turned on automatically. 
Please give these themes a try, and if there is a grouping of layers that you would like to see linked please let us know by contacting the
Mapper Of the Day.


In addition to mapping services that are available to the general public, AIMS also offers certain data partners access to other data such as utility or demographic data.
To learn more about these services click the other mapping services link to the left.


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