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MFS Virtual Team thinkLets

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MFS Virtual Team thinkLetz (Split Page Trailer)


Troutman, StephenVirtual Teaming Next Steps (pdf)

Rx: Social Network Analysis (knowledge engineering skills)





Becoming the Global Benchmark to Equal or Exceed:

After 2007 World Futures Implications Wheel updates.

General Mills WHQ Global Sustainability Program

expanded its Balanced Scorecard dashboard to monitor

effective integration of following critical success factors:


Global Brain Ethics

Extractive Economics (Wes Jackson)

Energy Futures


enJOYable Environment

Empowerment vs. Enforcement

Education Futures


APPLICATIONS: The application process for the

Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship
is carried out online. The application opens October 1 of each year.

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THINK Globally and InterACT Regionally but LEARN Locally ...


The mission of the InCommon Federation is to create and support a common framework

for trustworthy shared management of access to on-line resources

in support of education and research in the United States. 

via http://bit.ly/a0dmjL 


To achieve its mission:


InCommon will facilitate development of a community-based common trust fabric sufficient to enable participants to make appropriate decisions about the release of identity information and the control of access to protected online resources. InCommon is intended to enable production-level end-user access to a wide variety of protected resources.


Oct 16, 2010

Bridging the Gap (MOAA-VFW)



Tomorrow's Interactive Television | World Future Society

Robert Putnam's perceptive book, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community .....
John M. Smart
is a futurist, president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, ...
E-mail johnsmart@accelerating.org. Download the PDF of this article. ...
What do you want to have more of on the new WFS site? ...
www.wfs.org/content/tomorrows-interactive-television - Cached


Oct 14, 2010

PersonalBrain MindMap :: Big Thinker Webinar ... Systems Thinking


Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL) via http://bit.ly/duzIwp ???

is a global virtual community of higher education professionals who have an interest
in advancing the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning in higher education.

http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=2774663&trk=anet_ug_grppro (Bob B)


Visit Art Snacks


Oct. 12, 2010

Current Ford-CEO reflects on future thought "leadership learning" experiences:
>>Alan Mulally, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company,
laughs about the questionnaire he'd filled out back in 1961 --
in Stan Roth's biology class at LHS. Roth brought the original to the breakfast event.<<
Source-URL: http://bit.ly/dvlAnS


LBOC Crew at LEAP Community Breakfast

Natural selection of leaders (@ WFS)



Oct. 7, 2010

Innovation Mandate: An Interview With Craig Barrett (Bob B)

The former Intel chairman thinks 'we have our priorities a little bit wrong'



Barrett: The most important education reform in the U.S. is to look at our K-through-12 system.

Compare it worldwide to the best in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and start to use tests based on international benchmarks, NOT based on state-by-state benchmarks. We do not compare ourselves to the best in the world. We compare ourselves to each other. That's inappropriate.


Oct. 6, 2010

LinkedIn-WFS: World Future Society Discussion Group

... The second model comes out of the US Navy DOD Strategic Planning the "New Normal" --
details of work on it and an illustration can be found here:

Watershed is the private label version of Ustream™s proven and chosen Flash-based live, interactive webcasting platform.

Ustream™s technology has powered live webcasting for Barack Obama's campaign website as well as for numerous other high-profile partners. With Watershed, customers will be able to webcast live on the Internet using a fully customizable player with a variety of different features and options including chat, privacy, and analytics. The product is an all-in-one, easily deployed self-serve solution for both large and small organizations.


By using Watershed, customers will be able to build genuine communities and relationships around a shared online experience webcasts.



Oct. 5, 2010

A Tribute To Great Minds - Earl E. Bakken

As an engineer and futurist, he collected his ideas into a publication in 1989 entitled ...
In Dr. Earl E. Bakken, we celebrate a man who inspires us to be ...
https://www.hawaii.edu/csati/b/bakken.html - Cached - Similar

  1. Future/Futurology - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

    Nov 19, 2008... Anti-Cybercrime champions; Earl Bakken; Bakken Museum ...
    (ASF definition) Twelve developmental types of futures thinking ...
    en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Future/Futurology - Cached
  2. List of futurology topics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Further information: Futurist and List of futurologists ... Kevin Warwick · Derek Woodgate
    · Eamonn Kelly · Earl Bakken · Earl C. Joseph, Sr. Edgar Morin ...
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_futurology_topics - Cached - Similar
  3. Category:Futurologists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Earl Bakken · W. W. Behrens, Jr. Gaston Berger · Adrian Berry, 4th Viscount ...
    Marshall McLuhan · Erwin McManus · Tom Mandel (futurist) · James Maury ...
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Futurologists - Cached - Similar
  4. Individual responsibility for the future. | North America ...

    Earl C. Joseph, co-founder and director of the Minnesota Futurists, the Twin ...
    For example, Bakken is consulting on a proposed Hawaiian hospital  ...
    www.allbusiness.com/professional-scientific/.../264428-1.html - Cached - Similar



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for “Distributed vLearning” with Virtual Team Tutoring (VTT) tactics … ...
Piloted ACCTTS / CyberCrime Fighter Ventures: Institute for Future Thought ...

Action Planning Worksheet
Bernie - ACCTTS-LLC next steps with TDMN involve crafting high-touch ...
Adopt-A-Wetland-CERT_BioGeography_4o09am.rtf - -----Corrected ...
[A] FutureThought Leadership Virtual Team Tutoring (VTT) Eco-History: ...
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Comments (3)

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 7:36 am on Sep 18, 2010

How does future thought leadership learning cultivate a shared "Sense of Place" ... Is this attitude VITAL to the survival of our species?
Where else cited: http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/FindPage?SearchFor=%22Sense%20of%20Place%22&time=1284816683272

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 4:01 am on Oct 1, 2010

Last night as I observed my daughter with her Apple iPad playing latest rendition of the "Oregon Trail" simulation game, I wondered what (if any) "thinkLets" that its Carelton College INNOVATORS embedded during game's mid-1980's INCEPTION?

Learn more @ http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/OCTA-Trails-memetics

Sidebar: Our 2002 MnSCU-iTeach VIPanel mini-tutorial crew shared emerging insights on "Blended Visual Learning" innovations beyond WebCT courseware!

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