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Windmill Hill Outpost

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Also see: digital libarary ARTifacts ...  SEPT-Analysis ... Consequential Learning ... CIAPsubmit (MindShifting) ... World of Strife


Spirit of the Kaw ... Eco-Challenge Project 2010


Kansas Environmental Health Association Newsletter

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Mar 21, 2007 ... ABC StoryTech(cc) CIMS Perspectives. 


Collaboratory - Wikipedia

A simplified form of these definitions would describe the collaboratory 

..... Nu LEADership Learning Collaboratory (LLC); Collaboratory ...

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CollaboratoryCached - Similar pages


http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons

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Earth friendly

Friday, April 18, 2008

We only have one Earth and we would be smart to take better care of it. 

Somewhere along the line, Earth Day, which is celebrated annually ...


I leveraged both my Information Integrity Assurance (IIA) & Software Quality Assurance (SQA) knowledge skills & abilities with Dr. Irma M. Wyman. She led Honeywell Corporate Information Management (CIM) during mid-1980's just as affordable home-based computing platforms were emerging from Silicon Valley garages.


Honeywell's Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) capital-intensive fabrication technologies gave CIM a unique future thought leadership (organizational learning) perspective.  My Certified Information Systems Auditing (CISA) pioneering with advanced distributed learning networks on GCOS & Multics platforms enabled "Reputation Risk Management" protocols for stakeholder-guided Information Security Awareness Programs.


To reduce self-imposed errors & omissions (E&O), we adapted collaborative "near peer" Hassle Elimination Learning Protocols (H-E-L-P) to quickly identify & eliminate Operational Continuity "single failure points" ... Education Futures champion Joel Barker Five Regions of the Future co-created the "Implication Wheel" process from this innovative Activity-Based Consequential learning environment (ABCle).


Multi-disciplinary programs that EMPOWER group decision support systems haven't (yet) fully embraced highly-effective Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Our entrenched Art of War (Zero-Sum Game) culture recognizes & rewards Rapid Response  rather than alternative Art of Peace (ALL-WinWin) Presponse Systems Thinking (aka Anticipatory Thinking Integration) ... 


thinkLets / Anticipatory thinking (futures)

... and tutoring dialogs with the authors of Five Regions of the Future. ...

[Cargill], [General Mills], [Honeywell] and [Medtronic] are examples of ...



LJWorld.com / Adopt-a-Monarch Butterfly Habitat ...

Sep 7, 2006 ... U.S. scientists say an unusually large number of Monarch butterflies are expected ...
  • ... Earth Day event to be biggest yet April 14, 2008 ... 


"KU group wants you to help monitor environment ...



Trails-n-Tales(cc) - Week-4. ALL-WinWin i4CQuest Keywords
... Minnesota Environmental Partnership: What's New .... Kan-Ed … as BIG as you THINK! (2005-2008) ...

minnesotafuturist.pbwiki.com/EcoChallenge - Cached


  • Pathfinder Passports(cc): 2005-11-20


Crafting ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation "Eco-Challenges"
... I-70 Biogeography ... (UTM-Grid). USGS Biogeography ...
More results from geoventuring-lnt.blogspot.com »


MentorshipART mapXchange wiki / Trails-n-Tales


This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons. Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike
... H-Net Review: Robert L. Munkres on Beyond Lewis and Clark: . ...


Spirit of the Kaw GeoVenturing-LNTours

thinkLets wiki / UniversalTech


Pathfinder Passports(cc): 2005-07-24.
Note: It distills FutureThought Leadership insights ... Streamhopper thinkLets · Kan-Ed.org ... Trails-n-Tales News ...

futurethought.pbwiki.com/UniversalTech - Cached


thinkLets wiki / SFThorseRace


.... We've recently adapted this "Trails-n-Tales" venue: .... On the Net: ...

futurethought.pbwiki.com/SFThorseRace - Cached

More results from futurethought.pbwiki.com »


Working together using this wiki


Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Your entire group can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone.

Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.


Group members





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Source Name Page # Quote
Results on Target TBD Ends-Means Synthesis


NU Colony Windmill Hill Huddles


When should we meet?

Who When I can meet


ALL-WinWin Campus Futures (Drafts)

Keep your drafts here so you can refer to earlier versions.


Draft 1

Draft 2



Preventing Disaster with FMEA

The tool you use to analyze and prevent disasters is the FMEA - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (a template in the QI Macros). You can use it to analyze a product (car, x-ray, MRI), part (car door), or process (part stamping process or elective surgery).

  • Designing a product or part uses a DFMEA.
  • Analyzing a process uses a PFMEA.

When you've got a product or a process that can affect human life (e.g., radiology or amputation in a hospital), you want to anticipate all of the ways that the product or process could go wrong and affect your customer. The automobile and airline industries do this routinely to mitigate and prevent potential problems.

fmea template in excel for pfmea and dfmea

Use the DFMEA or PFMEA to analyze and mitigate the effects of potential failures before they happen.

Can you afford an injury or a death? Probably not. Can you afford the time and money involved in litigation? Probably not. Is it cheaper to use the


and prevent potential problems? No doubt, especially when the consequences are extreme. Are you going to catch everything? No, because some things are outside of our ability to imagine them.

Save yourself time and money by analyzing the potential causes of failure using the FMEA.

FMEA Example

FMEA template


FMEA template

is just one of the tools included in the

QI Macros for Excel SPC Software for Excel



Monticello Historic Station Eco-History Trails & Tales

It integrates the mentorship art of Social Capital Reinvesting designed




They began in 1964 at "Windmill Hill" as a Sigma Nu (NU Chapter) effort to fund what's the Dick Williams Wing!

Our collaborative efforts began by realizing our watershed overlook was a "Kaw Nation" spiritual landmark.

It was entrusted to the safe-keeping of KU Community leaders who CHAMPION social responsibility practices.


I challenged each of my four pledge sons to adapt Teddy Roosevelt's wilderness conservation guidelines.

  • "Do the best you can - with what you have - where you are ... NOW!"

Kansas Supreme Court Judge Robert L. Gernon pursued this Eco-Challenge until his death in 2005.

However, he asked for H-E-L-P guiding our Windmill Hill Leadership Learning Collaboratory (LLC)


Upon reviewing his efforts, I found Grunion was embarked on a mission to pre-stage KU's Sesquicentennial.

This milestone event coincides with the upcoming National Park Service (NPS) Centennial in 2016 ...


  • NTA: The National Tour Association ... http://www.nps.gov/2016/

    Mar 20, 2007 ... Comments Sought on National Park Centennial Initiative


  • Is it coincidence that NPS facilitates "Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area" Master Plan efforts?

See: http://www.freedomsfrontier.org/partners/


  • Was it random selection that led OCTA-Trails to host a May-2007 M.E.T. Workshop in Kanwaka Township?

See: http://www.octa-trails.org/learning_center/virtual_trail/


  • Was it happenstance that the Santa Fe Trail Association (SFTA) chartered its Douglas County Chapter?

See: http://www.santafetrail.org/sfta-chapters.htm


  • Was it productive procrastination that the 2008 Mormon Battalion Trek got postponed until this year?

See: http://www.battaliontrek.com


Cheers - RJ Burkhart / LCDR, USNR-Ret. (1967 NAVOCS: 713904/1105)

MentorshipART of Peace: http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info



CiteULike: From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: 

The Science of Collaboratories (SOC) project conducted a broad five-year review to take stock of the diverse ecosystem of projects that fit our definition ...

www.citeulike.org/group/2518/article/1278243 - Cached - Similar pages


Tales from the Distance Ed Trail

File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - View as HTML
... strategy and projects in a leadership learning system; Leadership level leads a trusting
... ADEC Collaboratory. ADEC Chat Center. You Are ADEC! ...
www.adec.edu/workshops/2005/Creighton-Speech-6-22-05.ppt - Similar pages
The Implications Wheel® is the result of 25 years of research 
... Joel's most recent book, Five Regions of the Future: Preparing Your Business ...
- Cached - Similar pages
Five Regions of the Future : Preparing Your Business for Tomorrow's Technology
.... The Paradigm Prism and The Implications Wheel, which bring the whole ...
- Cached - Similar pages
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Jun 27, 2005 ... author of the just-published Five Regions of the Future.
... document called an Implications Wheel. “It reflects the ...
center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC2005/pdfs/NDL_Issue2_web.pdf - Similar pages

World Future Society Annual Conference 2007

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
the Implications Wheel® process.) How this knowledge can be ...
... Five Regions of the Future: Preparing Your Business for Tomorrow’s ...
www.wfs.org/WF2007_final.pdf - Similar pages

Fostering Hope and Vision for the 21st Century

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
for Leaders in the 21st Century; co-author, Five Regions of the Future: ...
... ties, and know how to navigate change. through value management. 
www.wfs.org/WorldFuture2007_January_Web.pdf - Similar pages
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
The IMPLICATIONS WHEEL. Strategic Exploration Simulations are. based on Joel Barker’s 
..... Five Regions of the Future: Preparing Your Business ...
www2.tku.edu.tw/~tddx/cht/pdf/WF2006finalprogram.pdf - Similar pages
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Exploring the Future with the Implications Wheel ...
... Based on his new book, Five Regions of the Future, world famous futurist ...
  • LawrenceProject

    Massachusetts Street in the 1800's
    The University Comes to Mount Oread The Windmill
    ... 10. http://www.watkinsmuseum.org/ Watkins Museum  ...


  • Windmill Hill Lawrence.pdf

  • [PDF]


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    Jan 1, 2007 ... For Minnesota Futurists by Earl C. Joseph & Hank Lederer– 9/30/06.




Virtual Team Tactics KMOL


Leadership Learning Collaboratory (LLC) Principles for Operational Continuity Assurance (OCA)

Team Tactics. www.netage.com —> www.virtualteams.com ...

www.acctts.com/showcase/Articles/VirtualTeamTacticsKMOL.html - Cached - Similar pages


Lewis and Clark: Maps of Exploration 1507 -1814


Lewis and Clark - Maps of Exploration 1507-1814 · University of Virginia Library.Wytfliet: Limes Occidentis Quivera et Anian ...
www.lib.virginia.edu/.../Wytfliet_B_final.sid?head=Wytfliet:%20Limes%20Occidentis%20Quivera%20et%20Anian - Cached


thinkLets wiki / QuiveraQuest


http://www.futurethought.org  -- Institute for Future Thought Leadership
... Quivera Coalition, Sharing Common Sense Solutions to the Rangleland Conflict . ...
futurethought.pbwiki.com/QuiveraQuest -


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People without a shared sense of place could not care less about it.
Group behaviors then reflect this careless and reckless attitude ...

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Big-game hunter or big-time conservationist? Cowboy or member of the New York elite? War hero or peacemaker? The first President Roosevelt was all this and more. Learn about his life and times from National Park Service Ranger Mike Amato. For historical pictures illustrating some of the episodes related here, and information about the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, visit: nyharborparks.org/podcasts/rs-roosevelt.html.

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