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... ALI is just the beginning. A rich network of peer Learning Interchange ... 



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
(SKU: MS-73) $19.95 paper;

also http://www.kshs.org/store/customer/home.php?cat=280  

..... Oliva, Leo E., Editor. 1988 Adventure on the Santa Fe Trail. ...
www.ksarchaeo.info/KAM/2004KAM/KSTRAILBIB.pdf - Similar pages


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StoryTech-TnT ::

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MBT-2008 Watershed Orientation Kit

Kan-Ed.org ADLnet :: Guest Login!

KUCE-OLLI Multimedia (CIMS) ... Advanced Distributed Learning network (ADLnet)

Initiative » TnT » Forums » Social forum » "Politics of Disasters" » ABC StoryTech(cc) CIMS Perspectives


Learn about IceAgeFloods via AllPages


City of Independence, Missouri - Trails Research

... John Mark Lambertson Director, National Frontier Trails Museum
318 W. Pacific, Independence, MO, 64050; (816) 325-7577; 
or jlambertson@indepmo.org. ...


H-Net Review: Robert L. Munkres on Beyond Lewis and Clark: ...

The other five maps show the routes taken by the soldier-explorers, 
the United States-Mexico Boundary Survey, and the proposed routes for constructing ...
www.h-net.msu.edu/reviews/showrev.cgi?path=226831076535137 - Cached - Similar pages

War and the military in American history | Spero News

Let’s do a quick survey with those popular self-images in mind, 


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Some suggested references for Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA)

"Kansas River Voices" AGR-iTourism(cc):


 is a research and educational project of the Hall Center and the Kansas State Historical Society.

Kansas History Online


[A] The Prairie Traveler by Randolph B. Marcy / Captain, U.S. Army - 1859 (ISBN: 0-918222-89-3) Applewood Books 01730

[B] The Gospel of the Redman by Ernest Thompson Seton & Julia M. Seton (ISBN: 0-8395-3574-0) Seton Village, NM - 1963

[C] Soldiers on the Santa Fe Trail by Leo E. Oliva (LCN: 67-15579) University of Oklahoma Press - 1967.


[D] The Mexican War Correspondence of Richard Smith Elliott

by Mark L. Gardener & Marc Simmons (ISBN: 0-8061-2951-4) University of Oklahoma Press - 1997.

[E] Texas and the Mexican War by Charles M. Robinson III (ISBN: 0-87611-192-4) Texas State Historical Association - 2004.

[F] The Scouting Way by Sandra & Jeff Schwartz (ISBN: 0-9715398-0-4) http://www.ScoutingWay.com  Fourth Printing - Jul-2004.


Also see: http://picasaweb.google.com/RJBurkhart/OCTATrails_PathfinderPassports6o10pm/photo#map  <-(New Google Map Geotags) 

ALL-WinWin i4CQuest Keywords ...

(202) 354 nps.gov \"River Trail\" Outdoor Recreation Preservation Tales


(XLS) Big Island RCD :: East Hawaii County

Outdoor recreation can be pleasant from April through October.

... 808-329-2597, KAHO_Interpretation@nps.gov,

Established in 1978 for the preservation, ...

@ http://www.nps.gov/refdesk/parknet.xls



Thunderbear, alternative newsletter, relates to national parks/forests, history,

nature, environment, ecology, land/resource management, humor, wildlife, ...

@ http://www.workingnet.com/thunderbear/


Water and Environmental

Water and Environmental Programs. Rural Development · RUS Homepage ·

Electric Program · Telecommunications · Water Program · Water Programs

@ http://www.usda.gov/rus/water/



...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout

... assess the variety of economic impacts of park, river, trail or greenway ...

@ http://www.erb.umich.edu/Research/Student-Research/Nadel.pdf


(PDF) Lincoln Highway Special Resource Study / Environmental Assessment

... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

Outdoor Recreation Planner. Pacific-Great Basin Support Office.

Bonnie Halda. Manager, Preservation Assistance Group. Northeast Regional Office.

@ http://planning.nps.gov/document/lihisrsea.pdf


(PDF) Juniata Watershed Management Plan

... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

Outdoor recreation opportunities abound in the Juniata watershed,

... Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission (SPHPC)

@ http://www.jcwp.org/final%20plan/JCWP%20Final%20Plan/jcwpplan.pdf

About the Shifting Borders Project

The Hall Center for the Humanities at The University of Kansas (KU), in partnership with Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU), was pleased to conduct "The Shifting Borders of Race and Identity: A Research and Teaching Project on the Native American and African American Experience," a two-year project supported by the Ford Foundation.

"Shifting Borders" brought scholars from doctoral universities, tribal colleges, community colleges, and historically black colleges and universities to the borderlands between Native American and African American studies, where they collaboratively developed novel approaches to research and teaching that will contribute significantly to our understanding of race, ethnicity, culture, and identity. This ambitious project built on a foundation of thriving programs at KU in Indigenous Nations, African and African American, and American studies and at HINU in American Indian studies.

The ultimate goal of this project was to bring about a paradigm change in how disciplinary approaches are employed when researching and teaching about identity and culture. The project challenged scholars to break away from existing binary concepts of "race" and find fresh ways to conceptualize identity.

Grant activities included a series of lectures, exhibits, institutes, seminars, workshops, and a conference that examined the intersections between the experiences of Native Americans and African Americans. Scholars were invited to participate in oral history research and curriculum development projects, as well as to contribute to edited journals dedicated to First Nations and African American Studies.

For oral histories collected under this project see Of Two Spirits: American Indian and African American Oral Histories, edited by Mike Tosee and Carmaletta M. Williams, which features forty newly recorded oral histories. For essays on various aspects of Afro-Native history, culture and society, see The First and the Forced: Essays on the Native American and African American Experience, edited by James N. Leiker, Kim Warren, and Barbara Watkins.


Kansas Memory

Kansas Memory has been created by the Kansas State Historical Society 
to share its historical collections via the Internet. Read more. ...
www.kansasmemory.org/ - Cached - Similar pages
  • Listen to stories of Kansans -- some famous, some infamous and some just average folks 
    -- that are contained in documents preserved by the Kansas Historical ...


Podcasts of the Kansas Historical Society

  • The letters, diaries, and other documents used in A Kansas Memory podcasts 
  • ... Earlier Kansas Memory podcasts used documents from Territorial Kansas Online:



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