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South Texas GeoVenturing Eldertreks

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Why does notable military historian Roger Spiller observe the USA is a nation addicted to war?

Roger Spiller, a consultant to Burns and a professor emeritus at the Army Command General Staff College (CGSC) in Leavenworth, will speak on "History, Ken Burns and the 'Making' of World War II".

  • Spiller is the George C. Marshall emeritus professor of military history at Ft. Leavenworth.
  • His books include "An Instinct for War: Scenes from the Battlefields of History."


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Here's a blended visual learning showcase ...

It's crafted from both GPS unit tracepoints and decimal degree waypoints used as inputs for Google Maps destination views.  It uses a "Show-Tell-Do-Review" model adapted for adult lifelong learners as virtual team tactics


Prairie Passage Eldertrek GeoVenturing


Michael B. Oren - "Power, Faith, and Fantasy"

In Power, Faith, and Fantasy, Oren follows three critical threads.

... portraits, and maps, Power, Faith, and Fantasy is deeply original work ...
www.michaeloren.com/pff.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Michael Oren's Power, Faith, and Fantasy explores the history of America's

featuring original maps and over 60 photographs, this book reconstructs ...
forum.wgbh.org/wgbh/forum.php?lecture_id=3547 - Cached - Similar pages

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San Antonio Weekend Eldertrek

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Located on the San Antonio River in the King William Historic District,

... Historical 2.6-mile walking tour designated by blue disks in sidewalks, ...
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King William Street Walking Tour



The legacy and history of San Antonio and this region began with a simple ceremony when in 1718 Franciscans and Spanish representatives established the first mission.


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Within 13 years, five were located along the San Antonio River.

  • The missions’ purpose? To acculturate and Christianize the native population and make them Spanish citizens.
  • Today, visitors can retrace the footsteps of the mission Indians and friars.
  • And, possibly, meet descendants of those first inhabitants.




The Texas Cherokee

The Cherokees are one of the most important tribes in Texas History.

... "The Raven" by Marquis James, A biography of Sam Houston who was an adopted ...

www.texasindians.com/cherokee.htm - Cached - Similar pages



1829: Chief John Jolly admitted Sam Houston, a long time friend ... was adopted

into the tribe and given the Indian name Co-Lon-Neh, the “Raven.” ...
www.texascherokeenation.org/history.html - Cached - Similar pages


In December 1831, while on the Arkansas RiverHouston encountered

.... Marquis James, The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston (Indianapolis: ...
www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/HH/fho73.html - Cached - Similar pages



THMF - Performers for Living History Day

Jim Fox Musicologist/Texas history in music (1821 - 1865) Ann Galland Indian stories

... Institute of the History of Texas Music/SWTSU Joe Heffington ...
www.texasheritagemusic.org/LHD2001/LHDperformers2001.htm - Cached - Similar pages

San Antonio Missions (1659-1795)


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TSHA Online - Lone Star History Links - Selected Texas History ...

... Philip Nolan and Zebulon Pike and other events during the Spanish era 

.... "Historical Sketches About San Antonio de Bexar by an Eye-Witness," ...

www.tshaonline.org/lshl/texhisdocs01.html - Cached - Similar pages


  • Harper's Encyclopædia of United States History from 458 A.D. - Google Books Result

by Benson John Lossing, John Fiske, Woodrow Wilson - 1901 - United States...

Settlement of San Antonio de Bexar in- delivered to a company of Mexicans

... Zebulon Pike arrives at San veston Island by Lieutenant Kearney ...



In June 1807, US Army Lieutenant Zebulon Pike came to San Antonio de Bexar.

President Jefferson was interested in what could be learned about the North ...

www.uiw.edu/sanantonio/jenningspike.html - Cached - Similar pages



thinkLets wiki / Santa Fe Trail Tipping Points

Josiah Gregg "Manifest Destiny"

"Santa Fe" hitchhiker tour guide vision Adams Jefferson Pathfinder

... Texas and the Mexican War. C. M. Robinson III. (TSHA) ...


CHARLES M. ROBINSON III, history instructor at South Texas Community College in McAllen, received a citation from the

National Park Service for his efforts in helping preserve the Mexican War battlefield of Palo Alto and bringing it into the National Park system.

File Format: Microsoft Excel
... 956-541-6356, PAAL_Interpretation@nps.gov
On May 8, 1846 troops of the United States and Mexico clashed on the prairie of Palo Alto in the first battle ...
www.nps.gov/refdesk/parknet.xls - Similar pages

E-mail: paal_interpretation@nps.gov. TELEPHONE (956) 541-2785. 
OPERATING HOURS, SEASONS ...The park is open daily, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., year-round. ...
www.nps.gov/archive/paal/BasicInfo.htm - Cached - Similar pages



UT Marine Science Institute (Est. 1946)

UTMSI Estuary Research Overview
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Port Aransas / Aransas Pass (NOAA Estuary):

The Skimmer is Back

Rockport Birding and Kayak Adventures continues the tradition of Captain Ted's Whooping Crane Tours aboard the Skimmer. The Skimmer is fast and quiet. She drafts 2.5 feet and cruises comfortably at 25-30 mph making her the fastest birding tour vessel in the area.



Built for birding, she carries up to 46 passengers and will maneuver into remote birding areas. 

This gives you an unparalleled vantage point to observe and photograph the abundant bird and wildlife species our area has to offer.

Whooping Crane Tours




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