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Pennsylvania Stormwater

Best Management Practices Manual. Author(s):

A practical stormwater BMP manual for structural (e.g. buffer strips, wetlands, etc. ...

@ http://www.eifg.org/portal/portal/item_abstract.aspx?item_id=276&back_page=c2l0ZW1hcC5hc3B4


Urban Stormwater BMP

Performance Monitoring. Author(s):

The stated purpose of this comprehensive manual is to provide a set of protocols and standards for ...

@ http://www.eifg.org/portal/portal/item_abstract.aspx?item_id=170&back_page=c2l0ZW1hcC5hc3B4

[ More results from @ http://www.eifg.org ]


USGA Cover (PDF: Page 3)

Stormwater runoff is dramatically. increased — and with it, the chances for flooding,

... Go to http://www.eifg.org. Those in the know know that EVERY DAY ...

via http://www.usga.org/turf/images/photos/Wildlife_Links_lo-res.pdf


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Boyer, Will


Designation : Watershed Specialist

Address : 2110 Harper Douglas County Fair Grounds Lawrence, Kansas 66046-3242

Phone(s) : 785-843-7058

Fax : 785-843-6745

e-Mail: wboyer@oznet.ksu.edu

Area(s) of Specialization:

Responsible for environmental issues related to producer practices and clean water.

Last Updated :12/27/2006 2:11:38 PM





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