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Take an imaginary step into the universe, as it was first explained by the ancient mystics,

philosophers, and mathematicians. This unique book of poetry ...



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12 Power Christmas

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The 12 Powers of Christmas. Written by Denny Balish,.

Youth Education Teacher at Unity Church of Oak Park (IL) 

Each of the Powers needs one adult ...



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Section 1: Social influence




Section 2: Applied Persuasion


  1. January 6: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
  2. January 8: Dynamics of Persuasion and Group Influence by TP Roberts
  3. January 12: Do Group Dynamics Matter? by Cheskin and Siva


Group Name Members
Lost Legends TBD-1/TBD-2/TBD-3
SRPathfinders TBD-4/TBD-5/TBD-6

THE TEXAS STAR. March 2006 Vol. 4, No. 3. Hill Country Chapter. March Program.

Our March program will be a presentation on the Geologic Setting of the ...
hillcountrymasternaturalist.org/2006_Newsletters/News_Mar_2006.htm - Cached - Similar pages



Above, a section of Jerry Bywaters' Where the Mountains Meet the Plains, 1939 


Section 3: Group Dynamics


January 14, 2009: Group Dynamics by Petty and Caccioppo


EcoChallenge ... Know Your Watershed's Impact Zones (WIZ)


 Winslow Homer's Eight Bells, 1886.

Prestages Neosho River headwater's Midwest Mariners' Memorial 


Ocean and atmosphere connections ... The study of the oceans is intimately linked to understanding global warming and related biosphere concerns. The atmosphere and ocean are linked because of evaporation and precipitation as well as thermal flux (and solar insolation). Wind stress is a major driver of ocean currents while the ocean is a sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Our planet is invested with two great oceans; one visible, the other invisible; one underfoot, the other overhead; one entirely envelopes it, the other covers about two thirds of its surface.

Matthew F. Maury (1855) The Physical Geography of the Seas and Its Meteorology


thinkLets wiki / Ancient Voices

Freelight; 1837 Myth "Manifest Destiny" ... Hero's Journey ... 4. Old Country Road. 

5. Ancient Voices 6. Silence. 7. Natural Man 8. All We Live For ...

futurethought.pbwiki.com/Ancient%20Voices - Cached 


thinkLets wiki / whales tale 


whales tale. Search wiki: ... Title 4: Dragonfly County - Ancient Voices 

... Great American Desert ... Manifest Destiny mapXchange ...

futurethought.pbwiki.com/whales%20tale - Cached

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Also see: Boxing Day ...

Feb-1967 Viet Nam UNREP Sea Lanes


Reaching out with storytelling ... 


Northlands Storytelling Network 26th Annual Storytelling Conference,

Green Lake, Wisconsin, www.northlands.net


Posted: January 21, 2008 ...Due Date: March 1, 2008

Download PDF | Download Word doc


National Storytelling Conference, Gatlinburg, TN, www.storynet.org


Walking Boxes Events

Walking Boxes' artistic director J Roth is teaming up with Harmony Theatre once again,

... The Dragonfly Hunter Walking Boxes teamed up with Puppetenacity ...
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Musicker's Gazette

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THE DRAGONFLY HUNTER. The story was adapted by J Roth from his epic fantasy of the same title,

which was. largely written while he was living in Japan. ...
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THMF - Confirmed Performers for Living History Day 2001

Jim Fox Musicologist/Texas history in music (1821 - 1865) Ann Galland Indian stories

... Institute of the History of Texas Music/SWTSU Joe Heffington ...
www.texasheritagemusic.org/LHD2001/LHDperformers2001.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Heather & Thistle Society Chieftain Cheryl May Volume 6, Issue 3 ...

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Mark Monroe has generously offered to sponsor a music program by Jim and Margaret Fox

that covers Texas music during the period 1821-1865. ...
www.heatherandthistle.org/documents/n200511.doc - Similar pages


Heather & Thistle Society Chieftain Cheryl May Volume 6, Issue 5 ...

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On February 27th, Mark Monroe has made arrangements to treat us to an evening

of “History of Texas Music (Steppin’ Back in Time) 1821-1865 by Jim Fox ...
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