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Frontier AGR-iTourism

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Kanzana (1754-2054)

GeoVenturing Leave No Trace (LNT)


AGR-iTourism ... Culture of War ... Wakarusa to Westport StoryTech 

:: Past -> Present -> Future Histories ...


People without a shared sense of place could NOT care less about it.


Group behaviors then reflect this careless & reckless attitude ...


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 LJWorld.com / Opinion and Commentary


March 17, 2008. ‘Tornado alley’ defines Kansas experience: By Elizabeth Black ·
  •  Comment · When the tornado sirens were tested last week, I was reminded ...
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In the winter, La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis is founded by ...

  • The Chouteau warehouses below the mouth of the Kaw are swept away. ...
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Do the best you can with what you’ve got where you are!


•    Kaw River "Four Houses" "Cedar Creek"  (via http://futurethought.pbwiki.com/VFW-Post-6654)


In 1813 the American Fur Company was formed. and the Choteaus formerly connected with the Missouri Company, and also Pierre, Jr., and his brother Francis became members.


This company occupied the posts of the Missouri Trading Company, of which it was an outgrowth, and made great efforts to monopolize the trade in the Southwest by rooting out independent traders. Francis Choteau was sent to Kansas, and was employed for several years in this work.


The post known as the "Four Houses," so called from its being built on the four sides of an open square, was established on the north bank of the Kaw, twenty miles above its mouth, and in 1821 a general agency for furnishing supplies was established at the mouth of the river; from which men were sent to the Neosho and Osage.


In 1825 Francis was joined by Cyprian, his brother, and a house was built about opposite the present site of Muncie, on the south side of the Kaw, and in 1830 another trading post was established by Frederick on Mission, then American Chief's creek, in what is now Shawnee county.


In 1819-1820, the Missouri River froze over before Christmas and the ice did not begin to break up until near the end of March. On March 1, the snow stood two feet deep in the bottomland near the mouth of the Kansas River (also called the Kaw).


Snowmelt and heavy spring rains led to flooding in 1826. The rising Missouri washed away Randolph Chouteau’s fur trading post near the Kaw-Missouri junction, and he soon moved his family upriver to the “Four Houses” trading post on Cedar Creek, east of present-day De Soto.







Tonganoxie (TAHN-guh-NOKS-ee) Leavenworth County

PO: March 16, 1863- ; Pop. 1,864

In the 1850's a popular stop-off between Lawrence and Kansas CIty was a place belonging to a Deleware Indian, Tonganoxie.

When settlers moved in, William English built a grocery store and named the incipient village after the "great Favorite" Tonganoxie.

This name that purportedly meant "shorty" did not fit the tall Tonganoxie. (p.193)

ISBN 0-7006-0393-X  


When wagon trains outfitted for the Northwest at Fort Leavenworth ... they made Stranger Creek their first stop, always fording the stream. This creek was mentioned by early travelers and explorers. Indians called it "O-keet-sha" ... meaning "wandering aimlessly about" or "stranger." (p.76) 

ISBN 0-686-00370-5


Journal of Isaac McCoy for the Exploring Expedition of 1830, ed ...


The stream was named O-keet-sha by the Kansas Indians, the word meaning stranger.
26. Daniel Morgan Boone, son of Daniel Boone, pioneer, was appointed ...
www.kancoll.org/khq/1936/36_4_barnes.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Leavenworth County Facts of Unusual Interest


Stranger creek was called by the Kansas Indians, O-keet-sha, meaning stranger.
The early French, called it La Femma de L' Tranger, meaning Stranger's Wife, ...
skyways.lib.ks.us/genweb/leavenwo/library/CTYHIST1.htm -  Cached - Similar pages



YESTERYEARS by John Cass Lenahan Sr - A Pictorial History of the Tonganoxie Community (1981)


Leavenworth County - Kansas State Historical Society

  • Lenahan, John C., Sr. Yesteryears: 
    A Pictorial History of the Tonganoxie Community. N.p.: 1981. (K978.1/-L48/Pam.v.3/no. 4).  ...
    www.kshs.org/research/collections/documents/bibliographies/counties/kscolv.htm - Cached - Similar pages


KANSAS SIGHTS: People of the Southwind (2004)

  • "You probably know that the Kanza Indians were known as the People 
    .... A Kansas Book Store: searches, plus books on Kansas and the Santa Fe Trail ...
    www.kansasheritage.org/kssights/europa3.html -  Cached - Similar pages
Allegawaho Heritage Memorial Park. Last Kaw Indian village in Kansas.
Historic hiking trail. Site of the Last Kaw (Kanza) Indian Village in Kansas ...
www.travelks.com/s/index.cfm?AddTrip=a&ListingID=72&LID=72&QString=Keywords%3Dmonument%26Page%3D3 - Cached - Similar pages

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Kanza presence in the area, was one of the stops on the tour 
of the Allegawaho Heritage Memorial. Park. 
Kansas History Museum curation staff ...
www.kshs.org/resource/ks_preservation/kpjulaug06.pdf - Similar pages


Susan Ross Tonganoxie Community Historical Society PO Box 325,

Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (Leavenworth County) (913) 845-2477 kanza@grapevine.net ...
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Fort Larned Historical Society / Santa Fe Trail Center Museum (Kansas) 
102. Thomas R. Smith Map Collection, Ancshutz Library (Kansas)  ...
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Previously on Up to Date

Pettey previously served in the Kansas House of Representatives before being .....
On today’s broadcast Steve Kraske sits down with Will Steger to discover ...

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Up To Date with Steve Kraske

Host Steve Kraske, a political correspondent for The Kansas City Star brings

.... appointment as the Society’s first Explorer-in-Residence  ...

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National Geographic World Talk


Will Steger checks in from Baffin Island with an update on his 1200-mile (1932
..... The National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence has immersed himself in ...
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Description: Will Steger checks in from Baffin Island with an update on his


Seeking sustainable well-being attributes via i4CQest-Keywords:

aquatic estuary biogeography conservation "landscape ecology" coastal marine river stream "wetland habitat" "ecosystem health" systematics sustainable wetland


  • For generations, the Northwoods have inspired conservationists, supported communities, and served as the Midwest's great northern playgroundNow the race is on to protect the region's lakes and forests before it's too late.



Tuesday February 12, 2008


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Will Steger’s life is an extraordinary one of polar exploration achievements: the first confirmed dogsled journey to the North Pole without re-supply; the 1,600-mile south-north traverse of Greenland which was the longest unsupported dogsled expedition in history in 1988; the first dogsled traverse of Antarctica in seven months over 3,472 miles; and the first dogsled traverse of the Arctic Ocean in one season from Russia to Ellesmere Island in Canada.


On today’s broadcast Steve Kraske sits down with Will Steger to discover what forty years of polar expeditions have taught the legendary explorer.  We’ll learn of the uncommon rigors and challenges of surviving in some of the harshest climates on earth and discover how Steger has combined technology and education with his adventures to bring an understanding of these unique environments to millions.  


The author of four books, Will Steger testifies to witnessing firsthand the effect of global warming.  This has led him to establish a foundation which “engages and empowers individuals and policy-makers to translate their concern into action on this critical issue.”  As part of that goal, Steger describes three new “expeditions to the ends of the earth” focusing on global warming.


“Eyewitness to Global Warming: Conversation with Polar Explorer Will Steger” will take place at the Regnier Center at Johnson County Community College this evening at 7:00.  For further information contact Eileen Horn, Community Outreach Coordinator, Climate and Energy Project at 913 708-3929 or click here.


Additional information:


Will Steger received his B.S. in Geology and M.A. in Education at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, and taught science for three years at the secondary level. In 1970, he moved from his birthplace in suburban Minneapolis to the wilderness north of Ely, Minnesota. There he founded a winter school and developed innovative wilderness programs for 10 years. 


Among his honors and awards are the National Geographic Society’s John Oliver La Gorce Medal, appointment as the Society’s first Explorer-in-Residence, the Explorers Club’s Finn Ronne Memorial Award, and the Explorer’s Club’s Lowell Thomas Award for work on climate change.  A complete biography of Will Steger can be found at his website here


 Environmental film festival kicks off (1-3 Apr 2008) ...

  • Brian Sifton, Kansas City, Mo., senior and president of KU Environs,

... visit their Web sites at www.filmsforaction.org and www.treemedia.com. ...



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