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Computer Human Interface (CHI) wariness 


Biogeography StoryTech "Be Aware or BEWARE EarthSea-Keeper PLAXO Profile ... 


ATTITUDE (EarthSea-Keeping), APTITUDE (Fail-Fast Competency), ABILITY to apply prior traits to real problems,
AGILITY to adapt actions to local challenges plus ACCOUNTABILITY for outcomes!






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Re*Cycled thinkLets


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Source Name Page # Quote
Encyclopedia of Stars 44, 46 "The stars are the heavens"


Skype Tele-Conferencing


When should we meet?

Who When I can meet
Jesse M-F, 8am-5pm
Chris Anytime after 2pm
Dana Saturday, 5pm
Pat Sunday, 4pm-8pm


Drafts = Thinklets in Process (TiP) 

Keep your drafts here so you can refer to earlier versions.


Draft 1


Draft 2



Background context for "Windmill Hill" NeuroScapes (1907-2007):

During Summer 1964, my outlook was influenced by a KU Continuing Education Sociology correspondence course.

It caused me to ponder how the following "Actionable Distilled Insight" (thinkLet) emerged -OR- evolved?

  • The world of STRIFE shut out. The world of LOVE shut in.


A "peer mentoring" group of KU B-School classmates decided to ADAPT this perspective as their career guide.

Members of this peer group were clustered here: http://minnesotafuturist.pbwiki.com/Windmill+Hill+Outpost


Among our COHORT was an unassuming but effective thought leader: Robert L. Gernon from Hiawatha, Kansas.

His "WiKified" profile is encapsulated here <http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Robert+L.+Gernon%22+wiki>


Robert L. Gernon

The definitive Wikipedia entry for Robert L. Gernon. @ http://www.spock.com/Robert-L.-Gernon 


"Digital Discourse" Megatrends (1966->2006) ...

My third "21-year career" path briefly overlapped with "Grunion's" during Fall-2004.

I asked for his endorsement to do a KSU-based Kansas Environmental Leadership Program (KELP Class 6-2005)


Just before his premature death from kidney cancer, he asked me to H-E-L-P complete his lifelong mission:

See clues here: http://minnesotafuturist.pbwiki.com/EWCS+PACERS#AustralianPopularCultureGoogleBooksResult




2008 "David Bouchard" MnSCUIMS


Did you mean: 2008 "David Bouchard" MnSCU ITS




Instructional Management System Advisory Council

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

Feb 11, 2008 ... 2008. We were at 21400000 hits. - David Bouchard noted that this Council was committed not to make any changes during the Spring ...

mnscuims.mnscu.edu/Meeting%20Minutes/080118_IMS_Meeting_M.pdf - Similar pages



Instructional Management System Advisory Council

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

Members: Karen LaPlant, Kelly Asche, David Bouchard, John Schneider, Patrick Opatz ...

semester 2008. This purge is a pro-active measure to facilitate a smooth spring ...

htttp://mnscuims.mnscu.edu o There was some discussion on why the ...

mnscuims.mnscu.edu/Meeting%20Minutes/200812_IMS_Advisory_.pdf - Similar pages

More results from mnscuims.mnscu.edu »

  1. IFO Board of Directors Meeting Report

    ... Corey Butler (replacing George Seldat), Patricia Young, David Bouchard, ....

    PSEO funding for 2008 will be changing in the MnSCU allocation formula, this has many implications. .....

    The MnSCU IMS Advisory Council met on January 29. ...

    www.ifo.org/Reports/Board/0702brd.htm - Cached - Similar pages


  2. [DOC]

    Lesley—the work today is to get all up to speed

    File Format: Microsoft Word

    ATTENDEES: Alfred Essa, David Bouchard, John Schneider, Karen LaPlant, .....

    Public Website http://mnscuims.mnscu.edu. Meeting adjourned at 1:30. ...

    www.msusa.nonprofitoffice.com/vertical/Sites/%7B8F60E86D-EE41.../%7BDEA79A10-997B-4253-BCF9-3F974A2BED5E%7D.DO... - Similar pages


  3. [DOC]

    Project Description

    File Format: Microsoft Word

    Date: Monday, December 8, 2008. 10:00-1:30 PM (lunch available onsite if you RSVP ...

    https://mnsite.ims.mnscu.edu; Public Website http://mnscuims.mnscu.edu ...

    www.msusa.nonprofitoffice.com/vertical/Sites/%7B8F60E86D-EE41.../%7B0C6BA3D4-95F0-4A38-B6BB-0FA159555754%7D.DO... - Similar pages

    ... HINU-125: Where Words Touch The Earth ... 

    i4CQuest-Keywords:  KU.edu "Latino WorkGroup" War





In Feb-2006, we conducted a mid-Pacific council meeting during our extended family's retreat to Maui Nui

>> Maui Nui or Greater Maui, is a modern geologists' name given to a prehistoric Hawaiian Island

built from seven shield volcanoes. Nui means "great/large" in the Hawaiian language.<<


We sold our Monticello Township, Kansas townhome.

Then, we relocated westward into the "Wakarusa Watershed".


I began selectivly editing Wikipedia articles that might help influence "Waters to the Sea" awareness!

I chose to feature "peer mentors" who helped guide pivotal decisions I'd made during my LIFE's journey.


Subject: Exploritas : Search Results (KVHAdventuring-LLC Day of Discovery)


I’ve reposted (OzarkAdventures.org)  GeoVenturing-LNTrek Learn & Share photos here:



Big-Island GeoTourism :: Crisis Management Presponse (CMP) Future-History

< http://www.exploritas.org/programs/search_res.asp?Type=A&StateCode=CO&PC=Community+Based%2C+Retirement+Communities >



thinkLets / Mapping the West

... Part of the Continent of North America by William Clark ...
from "Narrative of the United States ... and the Kansas Wildflower Society.
Entitled Prairie Passage in Kansas,  ...



Great Plains Research - Kparts.com

Country United States Canada Mexico:
Region: North America ... and of the Great Plains culture of the ...
Syracuse-Lakin folio, Kansas. United States ...




Source: http://iconnectilearn.ning.com/photo/crisismanagementpresponse_phas-1?context=user


Visit Minnesota InfraGard Members

Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 6:11 AM

Subject: WakarUSA NextSteps as "Social Responsibility Pathfinders"

:: Wetlands Survival Preparedness "Ancient Voices" (9408am)


For over 50 years (195x-2009), I've been seeking ALL-WinWin actionable distilled insights (thinkLets) that could be easily shared with next generation "Agile Leaders" to neutralize cumulative effects of Zero-Sum Game (C4I = Art of War) manifest destiny myths!  
As a Praire Passage Pathfinder, I began by adapting prior "lessons learned" to help my daughters envision sustainable wellbeing (LIFE, Liberty and pursuit of happiness) ... 
I discovered that my "near peer" Kansas Supreme Court (KSC) Justice Bob-RL Gernon was pursuing a similar path with both his daughters upon my return to the Kaw Valley (2004).
What was the uncommon denominator we shared as KU B-School undergraduates and hyperactive collaborative members of the same Windmill Hill social fraternity?   
So, I began to adapt "CyberCrime Fighting" social network analysis (memetics research skills) to help empower PREsponse Systems Thinking (Be Aware or Beware). The results of adapting MnSCU-iTeach 2002 "Blended Visual Learning" is our group decision support systems i4CQuest model that was inspired by this "Affirmation of INTERdependence"     

"The world of strife shut out. The world of love shut in." 


MentorshipART of Peace (MAoP) perspectives:
Bob-RJ Burkhart / 913-669-xxxx <-- CIM Neuroscape Navigator

        rjburk65@ku.edu <mailto:rjburk65@ku.edu>

                Skype-ID: bob-rj.burkhart

                ... MAoP (Stewardship) Community of Practice (CoP)

                        via http://www.dragonflycounty.org +++ 



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 2:40 PM
Subject: Children & Nature Lecture, April 1st


April is Children & Nature Awareness Month!
Children & Nature Awareness logoCheryl Charles,president of the Children & Nature Network, will present a free community lecture from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1, in the Lawrence Free State High School auditorium, 4700 Overland Drive, Lawrence, Kan.

Dr. Charles was the keynote speaker for the 2007 Kansas Environmental Education Conference.

Emprise Bank, Lawrence Public Schools, the Lawrence Schools Foundation and Douglas County Community Foundation are sponsoring the event. 
Cheryl Charles
The Children & Nature Network has as its goal to confront the growing gap between children and nature and to reverse that trend within five years.

In an interview with EdNews.org, Dr. Charles said the organization's aim is "to re-connect children and nature, in their daily lives-where they live, play, go to school, and any place else they may be-with frequency, variety, and safety."

Botany at a Wetland Learner field trip."Dr. Charles offers a message about children and their curiosityabout nature that connects well with our school district's wellness initiative and with our curricular standards. Her work nationally with communities will be beneficial to all community groups who are interested in promoting more outdoor learning opportunities for the children of Douglas County," said Bruce Passman, USD 497 deputy superintendent.

See the complete USD 497 Press Release

Outside for a Better Inside - Nature Education Summit Video
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Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance | 412 E. 9th Street | Lawrence | KS | 66044

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