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ABM-2009 Culture SEEDS

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About Malia Burkhart

Not only can a Team Member Page help the other members of your team know more about you and how to reach you,
they'll definitely appreciate the ability to use this page as a "holding tank" for things they need you to do.


The most used portions of this page will probably be your task list (you'll be using this heavily),
and the list of tasks that others would like you to work on (expect your teammates to use this extensively).


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A video I made at EarthDance~ comments welcome! - SEEDS

This piece is research for my upcoming performance, The Culture Pages  ...

"Reflections" Dance, Video, and Poetry by Malia Burkhart: www.artsbymalia.com. ...

seedsfestival.ning.com/profiles/blogs/​a-video-i-made-at-earthdance (Purged) ... Now @ http://artsbymalia.com/performance-art/


An intersection of ritual, dance, video, and poetry. Created on Summer Solstice, 2009, at Earthdance in western MA.
Dance, Video, and Poem by Malia Burkhart: www.artsbymalia.com. Music by Ghost 7: www.envelopeproductions.com

My process: I set up the video camera, and improvised movement using Butoh Dance. Then, in the first "watching-back" of the footage I had taken, I free-wrote a long poem about what I experienced, or the messages I received through the movement, from the place.


I refined this free-write into the poem which appears on the video. (the poem in its entire length is on my blog,http://culturepagesproject.blogspot.com. This piece is research for my upcoming performance, "The Culture Pages", to be presented in Minneapolis MN, in February 2010.



Contact Info:




Website: http://pbworks.com


About Me:



  • Overall HOBT strategy

  • Fundraising

  • Human resources


Stuff of Thought I'm pursuing:

  • Defining our GlobalPEACE mindmap

  • Engaging great people as stakeholders


ALL-WinWin Memetics Research NextSteps:

  • Find managing director for PBworks EarthSea-Keeping

  • Conduct interview with WIRED & World Future Society



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Comments (1)

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 9:20 am on May 5, 2013

woke up this morning dreaming I was madly trying to finish assembling and painting a float for the MayDay Parade... a spinning boat on wheels with a Earth at its hub... The clock was ticking and I still had to get a coat of paint on the bare cardboard... It was so vivid! It seems funny to wake up this morning without a gazillion things to do, having been on the MayDay team for so many years. Thinking of everyone busting ass this morning to get to the lineup. If anyone has the time, show up at the Parade or the Lineup (by Little Earth on Cedar and 24th)... there are usually lots of places for last-minute volunteers! I'll be camped out on 27th Street & Bloomington Ave with hand-printed T-shirts for sale as a fundraiser for MayDay artist Jeong-Ae, who is applying for citizen status. They are cool! Stop by and get one! @ http://on.fb.me/ZJf5ap

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